Welcome to my creative world

Brunette girl standing in front of a creative graffiti wall. She is wearing a white blouse and carrying a black bag on her shoudler. She is smiling and looking directly into the camera.

Welcome to my creative world!

Branching out to get creative and do what you’re passionate about can be scary yet so rewarding at the same time. With the ever changing and growing marketing industry, I decided it was time we offered more. More personality, more drive and more dedication to understand what is truly necessary for growth and success.

Some things you ought to know

I am excited to finally launch what I have been working on for some time now. Those who know me know that I have always been fascinated by the psychology behind marketing and what truly drives consumer behaviour and trends. They also know that my brain is always ticking and thinking up ways to put a new spin on the old. I have spent my postgraduate career cutting my teeth in several marketing and PR environments. Ranging from internal corporate to agency creative. My pre university days were spent in the fashion industry where I got to see things a little more intimately. It gave me an opportunity and almost an advantage to understand how the wheels turn behind the scenes, and what it really takes to get the final message out to consumers. One thing I knew then and still know now is that I always loved being a part of the creative process and I took such joy in seeing it all come to life.

Why the sudden change?

Over the years of working in different environments, there was one thing in particular that really stood out to me. Whether I was part of an internal team, or part of an agency providing several services, corners were consistently being cut and passion was out the door. Internal marketing teams were generally too short of staff to execute what was really necessary, and big agencies seemed only to be interested in big dollars and bigger campaigns. The personal touch and true brand understanding was lost. This is one of the main reasons I decided to go out on my own. The favourite part of my job was getting creative and understanding the brand I was working with, but in reality I never really got a chance to get immersed in anything I did.


For me, a successful marketing campaign takes time and cannot be maximised if the most important elements are scattered across different departments or outsourced to several freelancers. Stories are only told well when strategy, creative, digital and communications all live under one roof. This is exactly why I have made them all roommates. I wanted to create a one-stop shop for brands for everything under the marketing umbrella. From branding and web design, social media marketing and advertising, content creation to SEO and SEM. We have a small but multitalented team to keep all bases covered. What sets us apart is that we always have and always will, put people first. We’re passionate about the work we produce and have built our brand on quality. Working with brands both big and small, there is no end to our imagination or our hard work.

What I hope to achieve?

I started this venture because I wanted the freedom to let my greatest asset roam free, my creativity and passion. I wanted smaller businesses to have the opportunity to grow and be noticed, without spending astronomous amounts. Along the way, I crossed the paths of a few people who shared my views. Extraordinarily talented people, who wanted to give a little more. I hope to continue to grow and work with like minded brands and individuals, raising the bar, achieving the impossible and inspiring them to push their limits.

If you like the way we think and you want to get it touch. Contact us today!

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